Magnus, the magnificent!

Now meet Magnus, the magnificent! A pure Lusitano stallion from Portugal. Still hard to believe that I now have a Lusitano as part of the herd! OMG! Big dream come true here! Nahar and now Magnus! Pretty amazing.

He is one big hunk of a guy, with a very big, good & kind heart. Turning 4 in September 2015, because of his size, you forget that he is still young. He is a very solid Virgo, likes things in order and routine. You can see it, even in the photos.

Heโ€™s just been with us since middle of August, we are all just getting to know each other. But I am already in love with him. He must be the quietist stallion I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and that says a lot because Nahar is very calm and gentle too.

His has a foundation in ground training and been in the saddle for 2 months. So its all new and he isnโ€™t sure where his feet are yet, or his balance, but this will all come together with time and practice.

Iโ€™ve started the Waterhole Rituals from my favourite trainer Carolyn Resnick. Iโ€™ve discovered he likes to play and interact , has a little mischevious glint in his eye, that I hadnโ€™t noticed before! I think we have lots of fun in store for us! :)

He's also shown us that he has great talent as a Yogi horse. He is happy to stand quietly at Liberty, while you have his beautiful comfy spacious back as a perfect mat for all the poses. Meditation comes naturally to this big guy and he enjoys just being with the group in the moment.