The Basics of Karma Yoga

In essence, Karma Yoga is the practice of giving and helping selflessly, while also being completely detached from the outcome. When you notice you can do something positive, you do it, because you can, and the fact that you can means you should, it’s your part to play in that moment. In Karma Yoga these actions are your offering to God, but you can also think of it as making as much of a positive impact on the world around you as you can.

Being neutral towards the outcome is also important, your happiness should come from the action itself, and not whether or not it’s rewarded, this way your happiness comes from within and can’t be taken away by disappointment, frustration or even failure. You’ve done your best, and that’s all that matters.


At the farm we call this Community Karma, the Karma we create in the space we’re sharing together for a moment in time. In daily practice this means noticing how you can help the volunteer that shares a house with you, for example making sure you’re doing your duty in keeping the place clean and avoiding phone calls when you know they’re sleeping. Karma extends to the horses, making sure you don’t upset them by feeding them late, giving them a scratch in their favorite spot. Washing the dishes we’ve used in our meals together, and doing so with love and mindfulness, instead of getting agitated you focus on your actions and find peace in them.