Riding in Harmony Retreats 2017

Riding in Harmony Retreats 2017

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One-On-One training in Classical Spanish riding and dressage, combined with yoga, treks, beach and bathing in the sun!

Don’t miss this unique chance to further your equestrian knowledge with a celebrated classical rider and trainer while you enjoy the beauty and nature of Costa Rica.

Bringing together Classical Riding with the practice of Yoga to create harmony and balance for a better connection with the horse and enhance riding skills.


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ONE ON ONE experience with training & riding in Classical Spanish riding & Dressage combined with treks, beach & sun!
2016, a magic year for “Kindred Spirits” as we welcome once again Javier Breton Perez, rider from the “Spanish Royal School of Equestrian Art” of Jerez, Spain, to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica!

Don’t miss this unique chance to further your equestrian knowledge with a true professional classical rider and trainer and enjoy the beauty and nature of Costa Rica.

Javier Breton Perez, trained in the Spanish School of Equestrian Arts, later in Portugal under the training of Olympic rider Nuno Palma, then on to California to work with the Joao de Oliveira son of Nuno Oliveira.

"Equestrian Art is the perfect understanding & harmony between horse & rider." Nuno Oliveira

"Equestrian Art is the perfect understanding & harmony between horse & rider." Nuno Oliveira

We invite you to enjoy this moment  with us, to learn, watch, experience and participate in the Art of Horsemanship with an exceptional rider & trainer of Dressage horses and Spanish Alta Escuela.


2 full days of clinic with Javier Breton Perez.  He will work with our horses,“Magnus” a Lusitano stallion, “Nahar” an Andalusian stallion out of the famous “Yeguerito II” champion of Spain several times over, “Brego” an abused big Iberian gelding with his difficulites, “Shiloh” a Peruvian Paso, “Anya” a Paso Costariccense mare (gaited horse of Costa Rica) Greyjoy dapple grey Iberian gelding, Shad a lovely Arabian mare grandaughter to the famous Fadjur and Maximus Andalusian/Quarter horse. Each one unique, with their different characters, gaits and conformations.  For more photos of our horses look at their individual pages on our web site.  Javier Breton will teach us and the horses. Learn from this exceptional professional rider from Spain.  Each guest will be able to work with one of the horses under the guidance and expertise of Javier. It will heighten your experience of training with your own horse at home, and if you do not have your own horse, you will pass a moment that few people can even dream of.
Alta Escuela, Dressage, Doma Vaquera and Liberty Training. These are Javier Breton’s domains, that he masters with excellence.
This wonderful 2 Day clinic will be followed by treks on our horses along the wild tropical beaches and into the deep tropical jungle & rainforest. Imagine yourself on a lost island, as in the “Black Stallion” galloping free along these untouched beaches of the Caribbean. Magical moments never to be forgotten.
Galloping on untouched wild beaches!Galloping on untouched wild beaches!

Hike in the National Park of Cahuita to see monkeys, sloths, parrots, toucans and snorkel on the coral reef with its multitude of colourful tropical fish and many different corals.
Trek up to the mountain rainforest waterfalls.
Ride deep into the jungle.
Combine 5 days of the pure beauty of Costa Rica with its abundant nature, plants and animals and treks on horseback with a 2 Day Equestrian clinic in Spanish Alta Escuela with  Javier Breton.

Day 1

Arrival at the “Magellan Inn” Relax , meeting time with the horses and other guests. Dinner at 7pm

Day 2 and 3

Spanish Classical Clinic with Javier Breton Perez. Watch, learn & experience how to train horses in Liberty, Spanish walk, Piaffe, Dressage & Doma Vaquera. On ground & mounted. Javier will also give you a private riding lesson, in the fine art of balance and true Classical riding.

Work ground exercises for stretching such as the bow, piaffe, levade depending on where horse and rider are at.

Day 4

Snorkelling on the coral reef of the National Park of Cahuita with its multitude of colourful tropical fish, barracuda, ray mantas, various types of coral, sea urchins and sea horses!


Afternoon ride to Tuba Creek and galloping along wild untouched beaches!


Day 5

Riding trek up into the rainforest with spectacular views to the ocean below.

Arriving at the waterfalls for a fresh swim and picnic under the tree canopy of the jungle. The sound of cicadas is heavy in the air mixing harmoniously with the running water and chatter of parrots.

5 nights, 4 days Retreat includes 2 full days Riding & training clinic with Javier Breton, snorkeling and boat trip on the coral reef of the National Park of Cahuita, 5 hour trek into the mountain & jungle to the waterfall and beach horse trek. Lodging & meals.

Enjoy a massage in the Yoga Sanctuary surrounded by the tropical jungle and let the perfume of ylang ylang impermeate your body, mind & soul.

Yoga classes are offered in the morning to prepare your body and mind for riding. Evening Restorative classes, to relax the body after the days adventures.

Does not include air flight, transportation, beverages, yoga, massages or extra tours that are also available on site. We can assist you in transportation from airport, hotels in San Jose and other places to see and go to while you are in Costa Rica!

$1149 per person in a shared double room/ $1399 in a private single room