Ethical Eco-Trek

Ethical Eco-Trek

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Not a typical Riding Tour holiday, but an experience to be part of helping a community who in turn helps Mother Earth. Our mission is to bring awareness to our responsibility to not only protect it but to grow in abundance with it through natural and organic ways of living and providing. 

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Nature is all about balance and harmony. As humans we need to reconnect with Earth and find balance and harmony in our daily lives. During this retreat, our horses will guide you and show you how to reconnect, through time spent in their company. Learning to live in the moment, being fully aware and fully present, will help to heal you from the stress of daily life.


Duration: 1 week. / Lodging Included (three available options). / Meals: 3 Pic-nics & 1 Dinner in town. / 4 Treks / 5 Tours / 1 Full Day Off.



Trekking Tourism is, sadly, often lacking much needed love and appreciation for the beautiful beings that are doing all the real work. Too little is asked of the traveler and the experience rarely reaches its full potential. 

With just a little more time with your horse before setting off for the journey, you can connect and create a bond built on trust and respect. 

On your first day you will learn to create this connection, where you and the horse will get to know each other and play, which will enhance your riding time together, making for a safer, happier trek for both horse and rider.


Our Ethical Treks will lead you on a unique experience, learning different ways people are working with nature to create a healthier and better environment.


What is Eco-Trekking?

Eco-Trekking & Sustainable Tourism

Turn your vacation into an opportunity to make a positive impact.

Your travel choices make a great difference on the local community and nature you visit. With this retreat you’ll live a unique experience, clear your mind, expand your horizons, and be an agent for change in the travel industry.

From eating local and organic, to visiting animal preservation centers, and savoring freshly made chocolate from cacao beans grown right here in Talamanca, everything you do will help support the good people of our community who are doing their best to take care of the planet.


You’ll learn, grow & transform by surrendering yourself to a better way of trekking abroad.





Riding down the little dirt roads through the jungle we'll head towards the Finca de la Tierra Project.

Giant trees towering overhead, you might here the loud roar of a howler monkey as the sounds of birds, frogs and cicadas fill the air.

After your tour, we'll arrive at Cocles beach, walking along the seas edge, the horses’ hooves splashing in the waves, feel warm tropical air upon your skin, nourishing you and replenishing you with life.




This trek will take you along the white sand beach of Cocles, then through the shady jungle paths that wind around the little coves of Playa Chiquita.

After a 2 hour ride following the shoreline we will arrive at Punta Uva and its emerald cove. Leaving the horses under the shade of a sea almond tree, it's time for a dip in the ocean.

Picnic on the beach, then a little walk up to the Point of Punta Uva , climbing  up a big rock to overlook the immensity of the blue Caribbean sea and the emerald grotto below. Back to the horses and return ride to the farm, enjoying the lazy afternoon and Pura Vida!




Morning Trek to Beach Break, the surfer's beach where Caribbeans Chocolate Farm is located. 

We'll Picnic on the beach and have a swim. 




Riding north towards the little Caribbean town of Puerto Viejo. Colorful and laid back, here everything moves to the sound of Calypso & Reggae. Settled on the shores of the Caribbean sea, we follow the beach as it winds around the town and takes us to Playa Negra. 

The sand here is black grey from volcanic activity of thousands of years ago. Under the shade of coconut trees and near a small river, we’ll stop for a picnicCaymanspelicans, turtles, herons and storks come here to fish.

This trek will lead us to the Botanical Garden tour.





An expedition to the Macaw Release Center, to learn how they’ve re-integrated the Great Green Macaw along the slopes of the Talamancan mountains.

These incredible parrots had disappeared completely from the coast for decades when they had been hunted and sold to pet stores in Europe and North America, and along with every other species of macaws, were introduced to the IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species.

Today, all thanks to this ambitious project, you will witness these majestic and colorful birds fill the air with their giant wings and loud chatter throughout the jungle tops.



Tour through a small local Chocolate farm, where chocolate is organically grown, picked, roasted and prepared into delicious bars of pure dark chocolate mixed with local flavors like coconut, vanilla, ginger and hot peppers.

Chocolate Tour, where you’ll learn all there is to know about chocolate and how it is grown, concluding with a tasty Degustation of chocolates.The best Chocolate for a happy heart!



In 2007, a couple of biologists were suddenly entrusted with the care of a dying baby Jaguar. They did everything to save his life, but it was too late. Unwilling to let that be the end of it, they turned this tragedy into a cause. This was just the beginning of what is now a center for all wild animals in need, the Jaguar Rescue Center.

It took passion, work and commitment to create this non-profit that works 24/7. Animals, injured, orphaned or malnourished are brought here for healing, surgery and rehabilitation and returned to their natural element, the wild Caribbean jungle.





Peter, the owner, has dedicated his life to replanting forgotten tropical trees and plants that were slowly disappearing from the area and bringing back the ones that had been lost. His wife Ansel, as a botanist and medicinal plant healer, makes natural healing ointments and cures from these plants’ fruits and flowers.