Holistic Equine Yoga Certification

Holistic Equine Yoga Certification


100 hours certification course presented in three modules, offered by Terry Lillian Newton, developer, manager, and owner of Kindred Spirits, a holistic equine healing facility in Costa Rica and Corinne Rosita Aulakh, E-500-RYT with Yoga with a View.

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2018 DATES


OCTOBER 23 - 30

Immediately following the Yoga Teacher Training course with Corinne Rosita Aulakh.

Read about the YTT and book both for the optimum experience.


A holistic journey to connect, balance and transform your life through yoga and horses.

 Johanna Bölst, in Harmony with Magnus.

Johanna Bölst, in Harmony with Magnus.

 Kieran Aulakh, Yoga In Harmony with Greyjoy.

Kieran Aulakh, Yoga In Harmony with Greyjoy.

 Nour, in Harmony with Greyjoy.

Nour, in Harmony with Greyjoy.


Who is this course for?

The three one week modules culminating in 100 hours of experience is for equine therapists, equine assisted learning professionals, competitive enthusiasts, horse owners, barn and equestrian school owners and managers, equine massage therapists, yoga teachers and aspiring yoga teachers, meditation facilitators, life coaches, and anyone who wants to explore the transformational powers of a combined yoga and horse connection.

What are the skills, knowledge, experience, and life long skills that our participants will gain from this certification?

  1. Enhanced self awareness through breath awareness, body awareness, energetic
  2. Increased joy and appreciation for all life.
  3. Improved powers of focus, concentration, and observation.
  4. Improved overall physical and emotional health.
  5. Increased levels of positive energy.
  6. Heightened sense of the connections of mind, body and spirit.
  7. Holistic, healing, and enhanced connection with their horse.
  8. How to be aware, to identify and influence the energy of their horse and of themselves in a harmonious flow.

Graduates of our program will acquire the tools to:

  1. Be more mindful and present.
  2. Be more observant of their mind, body and emotional selves.
  3. Be more observant of their horse’s emotional and physical actions and reactions.
  4. Identify and analyse the energetic manifestations of their horse.
  5. Holistically, through energy manipulation, herbal and essential oil therapies, dietary therapies, natural remedies, interact, maintain, and heal their horse of both physical and emotional/spiritual discomforts.
  6. Administer to the health and well being of their horse through grooming techniques, barefoot trimming, playing at liberty, yoga stretches for their horse.
  7. Understand, identify and influence herd behavior and individual horse behaviors.
  8. Practice healing arts of jin shyts jitsu.
  9. Practice horsemanship techniques of T-tellington jones.

Graduates of our program will have the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to:

  1. Design and execute their equine program.
  2. Evaluate their program.
  3. Market their program.


  1. Open heart and mind.
  2. Purchase of Corinne Rosita Aulakh's book, Yoga Paths Meet Bridle Paths, Level I.
  3. 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate must be earned before attending Level III of the the HEYC program. 

Alternatively, you may attend a 200 hr YTT after the completion of this course, and receive your certification from us after sending proof of having finished said YTT. 



The Program


Introductory to Yoga in Harmony with Horses

Emphasis on presenting opportunities for participants to:

  1. Learn and practice yoga practices of Pranayama/ breathing to control our breath & energy, physical postures, mantra chanting, meditation techniques on the yoga mat and with the horse.
  2. Learn and practice basic natural horsemanship skills and knowledge to ensure your horse is physically and emotionally healthy and happy. Learn basic horse anatomy.
  3. Learn and practice how to identify and influence your own energies and that of your horse in order to forge and enhance the connection.
  4. Learn and practice through meditation practice, how to just ‘be in the moment’ and discover inner awareness
  5. Learn and practice how to let go of fears and ego
  6. Learn and practice skills on the yoga mat and with the horse that you can take with you as you continue your journey of inner growth and wisdom
  7. Learn  and practice Yogi skills with the horse : stall, arena, pasture: practice yoga skills, which leads you to awareness of the horse.
  8. Understand horse’s emotions, energy, the physical general herd and prey activities, behaviour learning observation skills.: 
  9. Yoga practice: basic sun salutations, warrior series, balancing poses, bridge, cobra, pelvic tilts, planks, forward folds, DFD, poses for the piriformis muscle and psoas (the soul muscle).
  10. Master tools of yogi self awareness with horse interaction. How to connect with horse at liberty. How to influence and receive energy. Inner reflection: what does this mean to you? How to expand all this into life experiences. Creating better connection = better results in competitions, in teaching, managing barn, in EAL sessions and daily life.

Certificate prerequisites and topics covered

Intermediate rider and horse care knowledgeweight of rider: 180 pounds willingness to let go of all expectations and goals, to live in the moment and appreciate the value of what it has to offer.
There will be a practical and written exam.
After the training both Corinne and I are reachable by email and FB to help graduates of the courses as they continue on their yoga journey.  Lasting friendships are formed with our students and among the students. As part of the course we encourage students to keep in touch and support one another.

*not included transportation, beverages, snacks, tours and treks.
* not included lunch & dinner on free Sundays during the Retreats.

The Kindred Spirits is a very special place with a unique energy that promotes health and well being. In the peaceful tropical gardens surrounded by nature and animals, one can relax and connect with nature and one self. Mother Earth embraces you and guides you on your path.
This is a very SPECIAL and UNIQUE YTT Course, small, personalized and individual attention. Being a small group of 6 – 10 students, you will learn more, understand and practice with more fluidity and ease.
Healthy, organic and delicious vegetarian meals will be served during your stay. Also extra beverages of organic smoothies, tonics and herbal teas are offered at very reasonable prices.
We also will be offering massages, Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions, meditation classes with horses, horse treks, swimming with horses on the beach, Energy Healing sessions, Medicinal Plant Walks, snorkeling on the coral reef of the National Park of Cahuita, guided hikes through the jungle and more. These can be reserved when you are here, and you can choose according to your budget. These are not included in the package.


Right next to our property we have a small 2 bedroom house for you to call home during your stay. Here you'll often see Howler Monkeys swinging from tree to tree in front of your porch.