Mindful Healing Retreat

Mindful Healing Retreat

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June 9th -16th, 2018

Enjoy a week long Mindful Healing Retreat with Compassionate Healing with special invite and instructor, Breanna Mashinter

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 Yoga Shala at Kindred Spirits

Yoga Shala at Kindred Spirits

Clear your mind as you immerse yourself in the tropics

Away from all distractions, giving you the space you need to dive into the depths of who you truly are, give yourself permission to take time, just for you, as you start to unravel all the ego-centered illusions that have created barriers and walls to feel inner peace, freedom and happiness.

 Yoga with horses class.

Yoga with horses class.

Find yourself through the wisdom of horses

This week will be focused on releasing all ego attachments that we have been holding onto, creating unnecessary blocks in our life. 

What better way to heal our ego illusions than in Costa Rica through the practice of Equine Yoga therapy; Yoga in Harmony with Healing Horses.




Breanna Mashinter 

Therapeutic Yoga Counseler, M.S.W., R.S.W., CYA-RYT300

Breanna Mashinter is the owner of Compassionate Healing Therapy and is an Intuitive Healer. She has been in private practice for over four years and guides individuals into a re-connection with their inner guidance system through holistic practices. She includes Young Living essential oils, mindful movement (aka yoga), mindfulness, tuning forks (sound healing) and Source Energy to guide people in their healing process. She has a background in Social Work and believes in each individuals power to heal themselves.

Breanna is recognizing that the unresolved emotional trauma we store creates dis-ease in the physical body so she is helping people raise their own vibration to rid the physical body of these dis-eases. Her intention when working with individuals is for them to take back their innate power to heal themselves with the tools that they already have, they are just hidden from Egoโ€™s grasping.


Terry Newton

200-RYT, Certified Metaphysical Energy Healer, Certified Essential Oil Therapist. Certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Natural Horsemanship Trainer. Founder and owner of Kindred Spirits.

I'm a RYT 200 Yoga Certified Instructor, and I will be your host and one of your teachers for this retreat.

As a Certified Metaphysical Energy Healer and long time trainer in Natural Horsemanship, I'll show you ways to connect with your horse through its energy systems. 



Howler Monkey's Jungle Cottage

Lodge at our small Caribbean houses located at Kindred Spirits. 2 bedroom houses with sharing bathroom, kitchen and open air terraces overlooking the jungle. A prime location for watching the Howler Monkeys play in their favorite trees.



Organic & Vegetarian Clean Eating

Breakfast, lunch & dinner are all included.

We strive to keep it as seasonalorganic and vegan as possible. We can also accommodate any food allergies you might have.


You'll be all set to peacefully prepare your own breakfast with the provided basket of seasonal fruit, coffee & tea, eggs, butter, cereal, jam and milk. Depending on your diet some things can be substituted, such as oats instead of eggs.


We all (volunteers, guests and teachers) come together at the main house for lunches and dinners. Dessert is included with dinner.


Find more details about the program on Breanna's website.


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