Taoist Yoga, Meditation and Energy Healing Retreat

Taoist Yoga, Meditation and Energy Healing Retreat

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Dates: October 8th - 12th

Join us in beautiful Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica for the Taoist Yoga, Meditation, and Energy Healing Retreat! This event offers much more than your average Puerto Viejo yoga retreat! This retreat is designed for people to come and relax, to learn a unique form of Chinese yoga, and experience a peaceful environment close to nature. Taoist yoga, qigong movement, breathwork, meditation, and holistic health will be your daily routine.

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At this retreat, you will learn self-healing techniques and discover deeper levels of your capabilities as a human. You will be given the tools to heal all aspects of being and to unlock your greatest potential on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

You will discover and experience your own internal energy body, and you will learn how to cultivate the energy around you (chi/prana) for greater physical health, mental clarity, emotional peace, and spiritual growth. This retreat offers amazing benefits for everyone!

Health is holistic and our state of health is determined by several variables in our lives. One overlooked, and often unknown, variable is the state of our internal energy body. We are born with energy blockages, and we accumulate more energy blocks through our own life traumas and experiences. Our ancient ancestors had this knowledge and taught how to clear our bodies of these internal energy blocks.

You will learn the anatomy of your internal energy bodies and techniques for removing energy blockages. This cleansing is done through special practices like qigong, yoga, and meditation.


A major focus of this retreat will be on learning the Wudang 5 Animals Qigong, which is a unique and powerful medical qigong form from Wudang Mountain, China (the birthplace of tai chi and many internal arts). This is a set of Taoist yoga exercises that are designed to open up blocked energy meridians to the kidneys, lungs, liver, spleen, and heart. Opening these meridians will heal and strengthen these organs. This form of qigong has been preserved for hundreds of years, kept secret and guarded through the Chinese communists’ Cultural Revolution, and has now been passed on for the whole world to benefit from.

During this retreat, you will learn valuable skills that you can take home with you and apply for the rest of your life. The topics of focus that you will learn are: qigong, yoga, meditation, internal alchemy, and natural healing. Take a look at the retreat curriculum below to see everything that you will learn.


Curriculum/What You Will Learn:


Healing Through Movement

Our physical body is the most mundane manifestation of our more subtle bodies, and is the first place to start with healing. Through physical exercises like qigong, yoga, and body alignment we are able to open back up and cleanse our internal energy pathways and make free our etheric body to have positive effect on our overall health and wellness.

  • Wudang 5 Animals Qigong (Taoist Yoga)
  • 4 Gates Breathing Qigong
  • Cloud Hands Qigong
  • Spinal alignment for internal energy flow
  • How to gently stretch the spine
  • Spinal opening qigong
  • Lung expansion and healing qigong
  • Joint and tendon stretching exercises
  • Basic Ashtanga yoga stretches

Meditation and Breathwork

The breath is our source of life and energy. However, most people do not breathe in a healthy way through life. You will learn how to breathe deeper and more fully, for improved health and increased relaxation. Then we will delve into the practice of meditation, increasing focus, and then learn how to store and conserve chi/prana in your body like a battery.

  • Belly Breathing/Baby Breathing
  • Basic Meditation
  • Post-Meditation stretching and energy clearing
  • Embryonic Breathing Meditation
  • Introduction to Microcosmic Orbit/Grand Circulation Meditation

Discovering Your Internal Energy

Learn the anatomy of your internal energy system and your connection with nature as a microcosm of the universe. Discover the benefits and reasons for practicing the cultivation of your internal energy. Begin to “feel” your chi through sensitivity training.

  • What is chi/prana, kundalini? Introduction to internal energy
  • Anatomy of your energy body (Chinese and Indian systems)
  • Learn the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of chi cultivation
  • 5 Animals Qigong meridians
  • “Feeling” your chi.
  • Grounding to the Earth and creating a full circuit through your body
  • Types of Qigong: Martial, Healer, Scholar, Religious

Internal Alchemy and Healthy Living

Receive an introduction to the higher aspects of internal energy practice. Internal alchemy is the path to higher levels of consciousness through sublimation of energy in the body. Also, learn about the foods that will assist you the most in your practice of internal energy and healing. We will also discuss the major factors to vibrant health and how to naturally allow our bodies to heal from disease.

  • Introduction to Internal Alchemy
  • The Energetic Healing Diet/Conductivity Diet
  • Holistic Health Factors
  • Detoxification and Healing Disease Naturally

The retreat will take place in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. We will be at Kindred Spirits, a beautiful retreat location, in the middle of the tropical rainforest only a few minutes walk from Cocles Beach! The retreat location is close to nature, quiet, and in a peaceful environment where you can relax and let loose. It is truly a paradise location! You will definitely feel like you are on vacation here! You can practice and learn during the day, then go hang out on the beach and relax in the evenings.


Daily Schedule (Monday - Friday):

7:00 AM: 5 Animals Qigong/Taoist Yoga

8:00 AM: Breakfast

10:00 AM: Practice and Learning Session

12:00 PM: Lunch

4:00 PM: Learning Session and Meditation

6:00 PM: Dinner



The retreat will be taught by Alex Sumerall. Alex has over ten years of combined experience in the disciplines of martial arts, meditation, internal energy, fitness, and yoga practices. He has made several trips to China to deepen his learning. Alex has recently just returned from Wudang Mountain, China where he received training and instruction under the teachings of Master Yuan Xiu Gang, a 15th generation disciple of Wudang Zhang San Feng Lineage. Alex is passionate about teaching the internal arts in a well-rounded, holistic approach to help people improve their health, athleticism, mental and emotional state, and spiritual growth.

Note: All instruction will be given in English.



We have four nearby houses available for your stay. All houses include equipped kitchens and are located within our gated communnity. Please visit our accommodations page to read all the details and make your choice.



We strive to keep it as seasonalorganic, local and vegan as possible. We can also accommodate any food allergies you might have and/or a gluten-free diet.


Breakfast you make yourself, while I provide a weekly package of seasonal fruit, coffee & tea, eggs, butter, jam and milk. Depending on your diet some things can be substituted, such as oats instead of eggs.


We all (volunteers, interns, guests and me) come together at the main house for lunches and dinners. Typical lunches include Gazpacho with a saladBuddha BowlsBurrito BowlsSummer RollsVegan Tacos, etc. Fresh ingredients will vary seasonally.