Tropical Coconut Trail Trek

Tropical Coconut Trail Trek

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Ride through the dense jungle as monkeys swing in the giant trees above you and keep your eyes and ears open for a flock of parrots passing by or a sloth hidden in the leaves.

/ Discounts available on set dates in February and end of March.

/ Caribbean Villas require a minimum of 2 people to reserve*

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Hi there! I'm Terry and I'll be your host for the week. 
As a long time trainer in Natural Horsemanship, I'll show you ways to connect with your horse in a way that will enhance your experience in our treks.

Experience the thrill of galloping down beaches, hooves splashing through the waves!

Swim bareback on your horse, into the warm Caribbean sea. 

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Settle in


Whether you've chosen a jungle cottage or a caribbean villa (all lodging options detailed below), it's time to unpack and unwind in your new home away from home. 
Your welcoming dinner will be waiting for you at 7pm.




Wake up to the sounds of howler monkeys and the chattering of parrots while calmly enjoying your breakfast. Now get ready for your morning riding class (for all levels) in the arena.


The focus will be on your breath. Through breathing exercises and body language you will begin the conversation with your horse.

We believe that creating a relationship with your horse is paramount for your time spent together during this week.
Being at liberty, the horse keeps his free will and therefore becomes a willing partner. 

Having formed a connection you will receive a riding class with your horse and learn how to communicate with one another, connecting physically and energetically through breath, balance and posture.


After lunch, take the afternoon off to go sunbathe or walk along the white sandy beaches and swim in the Caribbean seas. If you feel like it that day, you can explore lots of fun activities like surfing, body boards or paddle boards. 



Chocolates & Jungle


Your day will begin with a morning Chocolate Tour, where youโ€™ll learn all there is to know about chocolate and how it is grown, concluding with a tasty Degustation of chocolates.

Afternoon Jungle Beach Trek
Riding down the little dirt roads through the jungle, giant trees towering overhead, you might here the loud roar of a howler monkey as the sounds of birds, frogs and cicadas fill the air. Keep a look out for a snoozing sloth or an iguana basking in the sun. 
As we meander through these roads and paths, you will notice how as time slows down, so does your breath, and you release all expectations, just enjoying life as it unfolds before you. Arriving at Cocles beach walking along the seas edge, the horsesโ€™ hooves splashing in the waves, feel warm tropical air upon your skin, nourishing you and replenishing you with life.



Jaguar Rescue Center


Morning guided tour at the Jaguar Rescue Centre. 
A very special experience. The passionate guides will show and teach you about the animals they have rescued, healed and released back to their natural habitat. Jaguars, monkeys, sloths, toucans, pelicans, snakes, ocelots are just a few of the many animals you might meet.

The guides are very knowledgeable, the experience is authentic, you will leave feeling that much closer to Mother Nature and our role and responsibility here on Earth as human beings.



Punta Uva Beach Trek


Today's trek will take you along the white sand beach of Cocles, then through the shady jungle paths that wind around the little coves of Playa Chiquita.

After a 2 hour ride following the shoreline we will arrive at Punta Uva and its emerald cove. Leaving the horses under the shade of a sea almond tree, it's time for a dip in the ocean.

Picnic on the beach, then a little walk up to the Point of Punta Uva , climbing  up a big rock to overlook the immensity of the blue Caribbean sea and the emerald grotto below. Back to the horses and return ride to the farm, enjoying the lazy afternoon and Pura Vida!



Costa Ricaโ€™s longest zip-line & Puerto Viejo


Today its pure adventure and adrenaline zip-lining through the canopy of the tropical jungle! One of the longest of Costa Rica with 27 zip-lines through the tops of the giant trees where the monkeys and parrots live.

After a very exciting tour, venture into the little town of Puerto Viejo, full of artisanal shops offering local art, clothes, sculptures and jewelry. 

Before heading home we recommend passing through CariBeans Coffee & Chocolate shop, where in an air conditioned room you can taste a variety of chocolates blended with spices, ginger, coffee and more.



Pura Vida Trek


This morning we start our big trek to Playa Negra. Riding north along the beaches of Cocles Beach Break (the surfer's beach) towards the little Caribbean town of Puerto Viejo. Colorful and laid back, here everything moves to the sound of Calypso & Reggae. Settled on the shores of the Caribbean sea, we follow the beach as it winds around the town and takes us to Playa Negra. 



The sand here is black grey from volcanic activity of thousands of years ago. Under the shade of coconut trees and near a small river, weโ€™ll stop for a picnic. Caymans, pelicans, turtles, herons and storks come here to fish.
As we return along the beach, the sun sets and the colors explode across the ocean.



We have three options available for you, each with their own advantages and unique vibes.


Jungle Cottage at Kindred Spirits

Private 2 bedroom cottage in the jungle (1-4 people in 2 double rooms with double bed each room).

Vibe: Authentic, off the beaten path.

Immersed in the jungle, this house is ideal for observing Howler Monkeys, as they frequent the trees right in front of your terrace. 

Location: Next door to Kindred Spirits. 2km from the beach.


Caribbean Villa at Hotel Villas Lomas del Caribe

Villas Lomas del Caribe (minimum 2 people, up to 4 people in 2 double rooms with double bed).

Vibe: Comfort & luxury in the jungle.

At a higher price range you can enjoy a panoramic view of the jungle from your own private pool.

Location: 1km from the beach, and 1km from Kindred Spirits, the mid-point.


Two-story Bungalow at Los Continentes

For 1 to 2 people.

Vibe: Cozy, private, beach-front.

If your call is the sea, then this Bungalow has the best location for you. Walk across the road and start every day with your toes in the sand.

Location: Across the road from the beach, and 2km from Kindred Spirits.