Yoga In Harmony With Horses

Yoga In Harmony With Horses

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Yoga in Harmony with Horses, a Holistic Wellness Retreat.

Losing track of time and place, the hum & sounds of the jungle, the whiskers of a horse’s muzzle and his breath on the nape of your neck. Not asking anything of the horse, nor yourself. Just being in the moment.

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$1995 pp lodging,double shared room, meals,yoga classes, horses and treks all included.

$2295 pp for a private single room


Dates throughout the year, please contact us for our ongoing retreat dates.


Retreat Family





Daily Morning Yoga Sessions


Meeting The Herd



yoga sounds

You will learn about your Chakras and those of the horse and how they energetically affect each and one of us. Using mudras (signs made with our hands, created to influence the energies of your body, mind & soul) and a mantras (vocal sounds) for each Chakra we will be able to balance, correct & open each Chakra of the horse & yourself, so they can flow harmoniously.


National Park of Cahuita

Our local guide Fernando will take you along the sandy paths under the coconut trees into the National Park to see monkeys, sloths, viper snakes, butterflies, birds and a wide array of tropical plants. Walk back along the beach as the sun sets over the Talamancan mountains and enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie or cocktail in the laid back Caribbean village of Cahuita.


Restorative Yoga classes

Restorative yoga poses are to gently stretch tired muscles, holding the pose and giving time for the muscles to relax and lengthen naturally. Bringing peace and harmony to the body, mind and soul, we will be guided through a Yoga Nidra meditation to end the day.
Evening Try one of the many fresh tropical smoothies or frosty cocktails like Pina Colada or a frozen Margarita or a chilled glass of white wine!



Sunrise Yoga

Sunrise Yoga on the beach. Let your body awaken with the warm tropical rays of the sun and the energising sea. Practice of Sun Salutations to awaken the body and get the energies flowing, opening the body, mind and soul to the day's beginnings.


Alpha State with Horses

After doing a few Yoga asanas/poses to relax our bodies we will enter into the stillness of the horse. Taking chairs or our yoga mats we will open  “Sacred Space” with the horse. In quiet meditation we will enter the Alpha state. This is where the magical connection can happen. Loosing track of time and place, just the feel of a light breath of air touching the skin, the hum & sounds of the jungle, the whiskers of a horse’s muzzle and his breath on the nape of your neck. Not asking anything of the horse, nor yourself. Just be in the moment.

Easy Seated Pose, freeing the mind of all thoughts, stress and worries.

Practicing asanas near the horses and observing their and our reactions. Asanas open up all the Chakras,allowing prana/life energy to enter and flow creating balance and health in our bodies. By creating peace in our bodies, we bring peace & harmony to our horses, which relaxes them so completely they often seem to dose off!

We will also learn how to relax and stretch our horses muscles, relieve tension and prepare them for riding. This helps protect their backs, supple their necks, physically and mentally opening and harmonising their energies, so that they too feel better in their bodies and mind. Sharing Sacred Space and meditating with them brings us in closer connection physically and spiritually.


Tuba Creek Trek

After lunch and relaxing in the pool or a small siesta, we will head out on our 1st horse-riding trek. 2 hours of wild beach & jungle adventure. Following the winding Tuba Creek, as it leads us deep into the jungle, we will see monkeys, iguanas, maybe a crocodile, Herons, storks, parrots and toucans. The giant coniferous trees leaning over us, as we pass under their branches heavily laden with orchids and vines.

As the day settles and dusk begins, the colours change, softening into a quiet stillness, as we head back home along the beach, wading through the warm tropical waters.
To Be Alive!




Equine Yoga Core Strengthening 

Yoga Practice with breath awareness & mindfulness. Practicing twists and balancing Poses to bring focus and awareness to or riding and into our life. We will also continue our Equine Yoga Core Strengthening exercises with emphasis on Pranayama and awareness, as that will be very important when we are snorkelling in the coral reef!


Coral Reef Snorkeling

Today it's off to the little natural harbor of Cahuita to embark on a boat for the trip to the coral reefs off the National Park of Cahuita.

Jumping into the waters and snorkeling amongst the multitudes of colourful tropical fish, blowfish, angelfish, swordfish, manta rays, nurse sharks, barracudas and dolphins as they swim and hunt through an amazing variety of live coral, one of its kind on the whole coast! Sea urchins that are zebra striped, or purple and pink, arms of coral that are colours of blue, pink & purple. Seahorses & octopus, all in this amazing underworld of the Caribbean Sea.



Yoga Liberty Connection & Asana Practice with Horses

Beginning with a guided meditation with the herd of horses at liberty around us, and the sound of the sea in the background, we enter the space of the Horse, connecting ourselves to the horses energetically and spiritually, becoming one with them and the nature around us.

We have energy centers called Chakras and so do horses, so do all living things on Earth including the Earth itself.  Using our visualization we will open and clear our Chakras as well as those of the horse and incorporating mudras/ hand positions and mantras/sound we will harmonize these energy centers.
After the energetic bodies have been cleared, we begin asana practice beside the horse. First some stretches for the horse and then for ourselves. When our bodies and those of the horse are physically relaxed and energetically connected we will continue to practice asanas mounted on the horse back, taking great care of the horses anatomy to not injure them in anyway. With respect for them, they allow us to ride them and perform Yoga with them. They enjoy this as much as we do, and often fall into a meditative state of total relaxation!



Medicinal Plant Walk

Afternoon Medicinal Plant Walk in a magical garden. Our bodies, senses, mind and soul will absorb the energies of the tropical plant life. Learn the properties of these plants and how they can heal us on the physical, mental and spiritual plane. Followed by Tea Time with herbal teas and organic chocolate delights!



Waterfall Trek & Picnic

We start with preparing the horses mentally, physically and energetically with Equine stretches and Chakra connecting. Then we start off on the 6 hour horse trek into the Talamancan mountains, up to the waterfalls.  Following a little dirt and grass road,will then cross up into the mountains. After an hour, we will tie the horses up under shady trees and continue on foot to hike through the jungle.

Along these small trodden paths in this very dense jungle growth, keep a look out for tiny red dart frogs, bright yellow snakes, spider monkeys, sloths and maybe the tracks of a jaguar or maraguay!
Arriving at the waterfalls its time to dive into that cool fresh mountain waters , crystal clear and cleansing. Picnic on the rocks and banks of the pool . Turtle and hummingbird sighting here!
Along the river, among the giant boulders , stands a majestic  and ancient tree. Here in this Sacred Space we meditate and invite the ageless wisdom & knowledge of this ancient tree to enter our souls and bring us inner peace.



Beach Yoga with Horses

Practice of asanas with the horses on the sandy beach.  Coconut trees swaying in the sea breeze, pelicans diving for fish and the sound of the sea, all this connecting us to life as it is, in this precious moment of  pure bliss with the horses.

Then its riding bareback into the waves & swimming with the horses! Try out your balance & equilibrium on the horses! Don’t worry, if you fall, it’s a free fall into the clear Caribbean waters!
These last days have helped us release tension and now we let our hearts fill with joy & laughter. Galloping free along the wild beaches, flying, our hearts are set free!
The healing energy of the sea washing us, cleansing us. Playful, fun, laughing and enjoying one another, horses, humans, life, the blue of the sea and sky, all energies mingling, joining, then following their own paths. So is LIFE!