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Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately

interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.


Kindred Spirit's

Holistic Horsemanship & Healing

Holistic Horsemanship observes the horse as a whole, identifying any possible discomfort and its cause in order to bring harmony to their body (expression of the physical movements), mind (the emotional state) and spirit (their true nature).

The horse is a whole with many parts that are all connected, and it all begins with emotions. Find that underlying emotion that is causing their unease, and you’ll be able to heal the horse, and connect

Where are they emotionally today? Is there any tension? Physical pain or discomforts? Hormonal or testosterone imbalances? Their mood? Energy blockages? There are many paths and teachings that will guide us in finding these answers.


Yoga Stretches, barefoot trimming, Energy Therapy, Liberty work, on the ground and mounted exercises, breathing techniques.


Essential Oils, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Energy Therapy, Sharing Sacred Space together, meditations, on the ground and mounted exercises, breathing techniques.


Essential Oils, Energy therapy, Liberty work, Yoga/ Meditation.


On any given day, you must work with what the horse is willingly giving you and showing you. 

Holistic Horsemanship methods of working at liberty with our horse, sharing space and creating true connection enhances our horses natural movements without force, creating a willing partner and happy friend. By connecting energetically and becoming in tune with our horse’s emotions and being true in ours with them, we can create a relationship of trust & joy.

In training, the use of our breath, our intention and awareness, creates movement, balance & harmony.